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Back and Spine Health in Bellefontaine, OH

For the best chiropractic care in Bellefontaine, OH, trust Doup Chiropractic Center. We strive to bring you the most recently and relevant information regarding your health concerns and our staff will ensure to explain in detail using terms that you will understand. We like to believe that a healthy body means a healthy outlook on life, and it is our job to make that happen.
Backache — Chiropractic Manipulation in Bellefontaine, OH
Woman With Hip Pain — Chiropractic Manipulation in Bellefontaine, OH
Below are a list of services and treatments we offer:
• Diversified Adjustments
• Gentle Chiropractic Manipulation
• Impulse Adjusting
• Neck, Upper & Lower Back Pain
• Headache
• X-ray Facility
• Disc Problems
- Sciatica
- Numbness (of the Arms & Legs)
- Tingling (of the Arms & Legs)
• Pregnancy Back Pain
• Scoliosis
• Spinal Degeneration
• Arthritis
• Auto, Work & Sports Injuries
• Emergency Services
• Pain Management
• Illness
• Insomnia
• Therapeutic Services
- Ultrasound
- Light Therapy
- Electric Stimulation
- Cervical & Lumbar Traction
• Nutritional Supplements
• Weight Loss
• Biofreeze
• Pediatric Care
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Our hope is to get you into top physical health, so whether you want a simple checkup or advice in obtaining your wished upon goals, give us a call.