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Chiropractic Manipulation Center in Bellefontaine, OH

Dr. William Doup, D.C. started the practice in 1961, in Bellefontaine, Ohio. His daughter, Dr. Kathleen Doup, D.C. joined him in 1998. They are both graduates of National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois. They both enjoy treating their chiropractic patients. We are a small family run practice, where family is a priority to us. We have several 3-4 generation families seeking treatment with us. We want everyone to have a chiropractic lifestyle. We have many different adjustment techniques and will be able to find the right one for you.

About Our Chiropractic Center

Here at Doup Chiropractic Center, your health is important to us. We use chiropractic manipulation to help correct problems related to the spine and nerves. The nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions in the body. Interference to the nervous system is most commonly caused by misalignment of the bones of the spine. Misalignment are most often caused by slips, falls, auto accidents, stress, poor posture, repetitive motions, poor sleeping habits, sports injuries and the birthing process. Maintaining a healthier and well-adjusted spine enhances the body's ability to get and stay well.
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